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☘️ #happystpatricksday #stpatricksday #stpatricksday2018 #stpaddysday #ireland #green #shamrock #clover #popcorn It’s time for a coffee & snack! What’s your favourite afternoon treat?
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#coffe #popcorn #snacks #chocolate #work #cafe #drinks #london #brunch #eats #coffeeshop #foogblogger #icedcoffee #yesplease Chocolate eclairs with a Lightly Sea Salted popcorn garnish! 🍿🍫 #wonderfulwednesday #eclair #treat #baking #chocolate #cooking #cakes #fun #food #pink #home Check out our latest blog all about our favourite Portlebay Popcorn and the flavours we wish we could invent! What flavour would you invent? 🍿🍿🍿 #popcorn #flavours #snacks #blog #ukblog  #invention #team #happy #fun #food #smile Happy Mother’s Day! How will you be treating your mum? 🌸🌻🌸 #mothersday #mum #treat #children #dogmum #sunday #love #flowers #bob Introducing our newest popcorn enthusiast, Roddy! Roddy is our Grand Popping Maestro and we are over the moon to have him join our popcorn team! Check out our most recent blog post to find out some fun facts about him!🍿🍿🍿 #welcometotheteam #introducing #hello #smiles #team #yellow

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Recently popcorn has seen great criticism in the news, as the number of popcorn-related dental issues have doubled over the past three years, according to The Telegraph, and many other broadsheets and tabloids. Supposedly, popcorn has surpassed other more known dental offenders such as hard boiled sweets and toffee, as a result of the rise in popcorn consumption. Our team here at Portlebay Popcorn were surprised when this story hit the news, as we are very proud to say we have NEVER received a legitimate complaint that our popcorn has caused any dental issues!

How have we lessen the number of kernels in our popcorn packets?

In the Poppery, our popcorn experiences many different stages on it’s journey, before it even reaches the packet you see on the shelf. There are two machines that each piece of popcorn will encounter on it’s travels, that reduce the number of kernels in each popcorn batch: the sifter, and a unique Portlebay system that filters our popcorn through weight measurements.

Once the popcorn kernels have been popped in our kettles (not your average kettle that you use to make a cup of tea!) the batch is then taken away on a conveyor belt to the sifter. The sifter filters out all the up-popped kernels (traditionally called Old Maids!), like a giant rotating sieve! After the sifter, the popcorn is then tossed through a seasoning drum to add the flavour. The last step to remove the kernels is a very clever system which is unique to Portlebay. This system measures the weight of each item and will remove anything that is heavier than a popped kernel – an un-popped kernel or sugar lump! Through this process we have been able to limit the number of kernels to that are in our bags industry leading levels, and lessen the likelihood of any dental issues!


Freshly popped popcorn on the conveyor to the sifter!

Our team at Portlebay are very proud that we have never received a legitimate dental complaint and we will continue to work as hard as we can to keep our popcorn yummy, natural and dental damage free!

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