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☘️ #happystpatricksday #stpatricksday #stpatricksday2018 #stpaddysday #ireland #green #shamrock #clover #popcorn It’s time for a coffee & snack! What’s your favourite afternoon treat?
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#coffe #popcorn #snacks #chocolate #work #cafe #drinks #london #brunch #eats #coffeeshop #foogblogger #icedcoffee #yesplease Chocolate eclairs with a Lightly Sea Salted popcorn garnish! 🍿🍫 #wonderfulwednesday #eclair #treat #baking #chocolate #cooking #cakes #fun #food #pink #home Check out our latest blog all about our favourite Portlebay Popcorn and the flavours we wish we could invent! What flavour would you invent? 🍿🍿🍿 #popcorn #flavours #snacks #blog #ukblog  #invention #team #happy #fun #food #smile Happy Mother’s Day! How will you be treating your mum? 🌸🌻🌸 #mothersday #mum #treat #children #dogmum #sunday #love #flowers #bob Introducing our newest popcorn enthusiast, Roddy! Roddy is our Grand Popping Maestro and we are over the moon to have him join our popcorn team! Check out our most recent blog post to find out some fun facts about him!🍿🍿🍿 #welcometotheteam #introducing #hello #smiles #team #yellow

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We asked our fabulous team of popcorn lovers what their favourite Portlebay Popcorn flavours are, why and if they could invent a new flavour what it would be! Have a read below to see what wild and wonderful flavours they came up with (some are rather interesting to say the least!)

First up we have our little piggy bank, the lady with money, Faye!

IMG_0580 copy


Favourite Portlebay Popcorn? Lightly Sea Salted


Why? I’m all savoury all the way!


What flavour popcorn would you loveee us to invent? Christmas dinner with all the trimming, including the sprouts!




Next up we have one of our co-founders, the mighty Jonty!



Favourite Portlebay Popcorn? Crispy Bacon and Maple Syrup


Why? It’s the a delicious marriage of sweet and savoury! I also adore bacon!!


What flavour popcorn would you loveee us to invent? Reblochon Cheese- a taste of the mountains!



Now we have our mother hen, the lady that keeps us all in line, Diane!

IMG_0590 copy


Favourite Portlebay Popcorn? Lemon Sherbet


Why? It’s as if someone has taken the beautiful seasons of Spring and Summer and popped them into this little yellow bag!


What flavour popcorn would you loveee us to invent? King Prawn Noodles


Our marketing fairy Millie, is next on the agenda!

IMG_0586 copy


Favourite Portlebay Popcorn? Lightly Sea Salted


Why? It’s the classic and will always be the best! (It’s also guilt-free when you need something to munch on in the office hehehe)


What flavour popcorn would you loveee us to invent? Dark Chocolate and Raspberry!



Our other genius co-founder, the magnificent Neil is next to reveal his favourite flavour!

IMG_0601 copy


Favourite Portlebay Popcorn? Chilli and Lime


Why? It’s takes me back to sitting on the beach in Mexico, with an ice cold drink in hand! Ahh the dream!


What flavour popcorn would you loveee us to invent? Beef Madras Curry


And finally, we have the man that keeps our popcorn popping, it’s Ian!

IMG_0609 copy


Favourite Portlebay Popcorn? Sweet & Salty!


Why? It’s just such a tasty treat, that perfectly satisfies my sweet, sweet cravings!


What flavour popcorn would you loveee us to invent? Good ole British Roast Beef



We would love to hear what your favourite flavour is and of course what flavours you would love us to invent in The Poppery!

One comment on “Our Favourite Flavours!

  1. Barnaby says:

    Strawberry Cheesecake

    Liked by 1 person

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