We are a little crew of popcorn enthusiasts, based down in the rolling hills of Devon.

We’re here every day popping away in our very own poppery, a host of 10 amazing flavours that we’ve hand created, and now sell across the country in various supermarkets, high end farm shops, delis, cafes and independent stores!

It’s our mission to bundle together that sunny, happy, “oh what a time to be alive” feeling into each and every packet. We do that by using the best ingredients, which are 100% natural, gluten free and whizzed together by our Popcorn Flavoursmiths to create a taste unlike any other.

If you’re a blogger, vlogger or journalist and would like to know more you can contact our Marketing Genius Lucy at lucy@portlebaypopcorn.com – she’s rather lovely.

If you’re a store owner and would like to try before you buy, get in touch with our Sales Executive Mark at mark@portlebaypopcorn.com

Any other questions of queries get in touch with the Portlebay Crew at letspop@portlebaypopcorn.com